The average local council is anything but. The diverse range of services offered can require a large range of printed materials.

Councils provide a wide range of services that keep our communities ticking over. From frontline services that the whole community sees to the underground ones that everyones uses but never knows about.

This means that councils require a wide range of printed materials from the usual and mundane to the highly specific and specialised. That’s where we can help you out.

Photo IDs

Shire of WhrooThere are times when a simple name tag doesn’t quite cut the mustard and you need something a bit more authoritative. Many council functions require that your staff can prove that they need to be where they are and who they are. That’s when you need our Photo IDs.

Like all our products, we craft our Photo IDs to the same standards and using the same techniques as everything else we produce. By using digital offset rather than thermal transfer, we seal the photo and data under the laminate to make sure it lasts longer.

For some more information, have a look at our Photo ID range here.

Name Tags

Shire of WhrooYour community likes to put a name to a face – that’s a big part of what makes a community a community. A lot of the time, you don’t get a chance to introduce yourself. That’s where our name tags come in to assist.

Made to the same high standards and using the same production techniques as our plastic cards, we can craft your name tags to carry the same branding as the rest of your council and match your council’s style guide. We can add the names to the tags at production, sealing them under the laminate, or they can be designed to have the name added later either by hand or by using a label.

For some more information, head over to our name tag page.

Library Cards

Whroo Public LibraryThere’s no need to purchase your library cards from your equipment supplier, we can create your cards to meet your lending system’s specifications and requirements. Printed and manufactured using all the same techniques and substrates as our standard plastic cards, our library cards can carry all the same options and features.

We can create cards with and without magnetic stripes, barcodes, and signature panels. Full colour print both sides or just on one with single colour on the other, just how you require it. We’ll also take care of the technical stuff for you. We have experience in reverse engineering the data requirements of library cards. Don’t know how your barcode or magnetic stripe is configured? Not a problem! With just a small sample of your current cards, we can determine how the numbering works, which track on the magnetic stripe is encoded and how, what type of barcode you use, and whether or not you need a check digit.

For more information on what we can supply to your libraries, check out our dedicated libraries page.

Services Cards

MosCardCouncils provide services, lots of services. Sometimes it helps if you can have an identifier to give to the recipients of the services to either track their usage, provide discounts within the wider community, or to identify what services this person requires.

This is where our plastic card range can assist.

We can tailor our plastic cards to meet the needs of your services. Whether it’s a simple discount card to help promote your main street in town, or a card to help identify and assist vulnerable community members, we can utilise all our card make techniques to create a card that suits.

Check out our plastic card page for some more information.

OH&S Cards

Hume City Council - Incident ReportingWith an ever increasing need to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety, we can create for you OH&S procedure cards for your staff to have with them at all times.

With a range of sizes available, we can manufacture them to be attached to their standard lanyards and photo IDs, or we can size them up to carry more information or to make the information easier to read when someone’s life depends on it.

Constructed with the same techniques as the rest of our plastic cards and event passes, they will stand up to both office life and the construction site.

Delivery is within two weeks of order and artwork approval and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.