Photo IDs

From security to hospitals to education to social services, we can create Photo IDs that are secure, long lasting, and reflect the high standards that you aim for. Full colour, with additional security features as required.

Manufactured to the same standards and using the same manufacturing techniques as the rest of our plastic print products, our Photo IDs are robust and long lasting.  We print on the core of the card – under the laminate – rather than on the outside. This places a layer of plastic between the print and the outside world, rather than just a thin coat of resin.

We can add our entire range of options to the cards. Barcodes, UltraViolet Red printing, microprinting, slots, holes, and mag stripes. Clear windows can also be added as a protection against counterfeiting, and transparent holograms can be added as well for an extra layer of protection. Your Photo IDs can be as secure as you need them to be.

Our workflow even saves you the need to crop your photos first, automatically finding the face and cropping the photo to suit, giving all your Photo IDs a uniform look. Especially with large initial runs, this saves you time and money and reduces the need to set up a dedicated photo station with positions set out.

We can also produce base stock cards with all these features as required for you to then image on demand on your own plastic card thermal printers. Our final card surface is smooth and is able to be imaged on by card printers using standard ribbons. This gives you a secure base and the flexibility of being able to issue cards on the spot.

And if you don’t need a full Photo ID, then take a look at our name tags.