Key Tags

Save your customer a trip to their wallet and provide them with a key tag as well as full sized plastic card. Ideal as a membership card for stores, gyms, or anywhere that your customer needs to get their card out for a transaction.

Standard Key Tags

Ideal for systems where you need your client to scan in or out, or scan for discounts, or just to show they’re a member. Our key tags are printed in full colour both sides using the same techniques as our plastic cards. This results in a tough key tag that won’t start delaminating as soon as it’s on the keyring.

With all the same VDP options available as all our other products, you can add barcodes, variable text  and numbering to the key tags and have it all protected from damage by the laminate. If you need them tougher again, we can add brass eyelets to further guard against tearing.

XL Key Tags

Made to the same high standard we make all our other plastic products, our XL Key Tags are robust, good-looking, and have a bit of weight to them to help remind your guests that they’re carrying your keys.

At 3mm thick and with a full PVC construction, they’re tough and waterproof. The brass eyelet ensures that the hole doesn’t deform or stretch over time and being one piece, there’s no flaps to open or paper to fall out.

We print in full colour – no need to stick to single or two colour prints – and the key tags can be customised with your logo and colours to reinforce your branding.
Room, suite, or cabin numbers can be added to the tag to help with key management, along with your establishment’s details to allow for the easy return of the keys if they’re absent mindedly taken.

And because we manufacture them ourselves in Melbourne, we can guarantee a fast turnaround.

Call us on 03 9020 7289 if you’re ready to order or if you’d like to discuss your requirements.

WOW! The cards look great, and the barcode works fine with our software, so all systems go.

Thank you so much Kevin, we are so pleased with the cards, and will most definitely be giving you all of our business from now on.

Best Regards,

Tracey Campbell

LivingWell Premier Health Club