Digital Offset Printing

We make sure that we invest in the latest in offset printing technology appropriate to what we produce. In our case that’s utilising HP Indigo Digital Offset Printing technology.

We introduced the first HP Indigo Press designed for printing on plastic into Australia – the s2000 – and now we’ve upgraded to the faster, higher quality, HP Indigo 5600.

With even quicker turnaround, better print quality, more inks, less wastage, and a wider range of stocks available than before, the 5600 enables us to surpass your requirements.

With no waiting for plates to be made, mounted and aligned, zero make-readies needed, and the ability to print precisely the amount of sheets required, we minimise wastage of ink, stock and time to complete your job quickly. With full VDP capabilities, we image your data directly onto the stock at full offset quality – no laser toner or thermal overprints required.

Spot colours can be matched on-line using the Pantone© certified IndiChrome matching system. This negates the need for expensive spot colour matching while providing all the flexibility of offset digital printing. Spot colours can also be mixed offline for use in the press when the colour must be spot on. We also run white to provide reverse out print of dark, metallic, and clear stocks, and we can also use Ultra-Violet Red ink to provide print only visible under black light.


From 80gsm bond stock through to 0.450mm thick PVC and polypropylene sheets, we have a stock to meet your needs. With our in-house coating service, we can run stocks that others can’t, including stocks that are yet to be HP Indigo Certified. From metallic to clear, white to black – the range of stocks available to you is extensive. Contact us to discuss the stocks you’d like to run.


Digital offset printed stock can be finished in much the same way as conventional offset. We maintain our own in-house lamination equipment including hot and cold roll lamination and hot platen press lamination for a mirror like finish. Spot UV varnishing is also available in both a matt and gloss finish. Forme and die cutting and folding is also available, adding to the flexibility of product range.

Press Colours

Make Readies