Mail Fulfilment

No-one likes doing a mail out.

Get us to do it for you.

First you have to get your names and address right. Then you need to format your letter just so. And then you need to do it again because you didn’t get the formatting just right. Then there’s the printing, watching your printer spend all that time processing all those pages only then for it to fail because any more than a dozen pages is too much. Add to all this the folding, the reprinting of the letters eaten by the folder, the stuffing of envelopes, going down to the post office and standing in line – there is a much better way to do mail fulfilment.

Let us do it for you.

Send us your data and your letter and we’ll handle everything else. Leveraging our experience with complex variable data printing, we make doing mail fulfilment easy. We’ll merge, print, fold, collate, stuff, and go to the post office for you. We’ll even advise you if you’re eligible for discounted mail rates and handle all the data processing that’s needed to achieve it.

For membership runs, we’ll even handle the personalisation and attaching of membership cards to the letters. We can also arrange and handle the printing and storage of any collateral material that needs to be mailed as well such as booklets, return mail envelopes, or welcome letters.

From single runs to regular repeat runs, let us look after your mail fulfilment. Give us a call on 03 9729 9367 to get started.