Nothing quite says library like rows of books, magazines, shelves, and the quiet “beep” “beep” of the barcode scanner. Libraries, hand your patrons a library card that matches the quiet dignity of your reading room whilst being able to match all the features of your lending system.

We  libraries.From the shelves and shelves of books to the things that go “beep” to let us know that we have now borrowed a book, we love them.From the gigantuan city libraries ordering 30,000 cards to the small country town libraries with only 500 members, we reckon they’re all pretty great.We don’t like overdue fines, but we like to think of them as voluntary community resource donations. Then we like them.

Library Cards

Whroo Public Library - Library CardThere’s no need to purchase your library cards from your equipment supplier, we can create your cards to meet your lending system’s specifications and requirements. Printed and manufactured using all the same techniques and substrates as our standard plastic cards, our library cards can carry all the same options and features.We can create cards with and without magnetic stripes, barcodes, and signature panels. Full colour print both sides or just on one with single colour on the other, just how you require it. We’ll also take care of the technical stuff for you. We have experience in reverse engineering the data requirements of library cards. Don’t know how your barcode or magnetic stripe is configured? Not a problem! With just a small sample of your current cards, we can determine how the numbering works, which track on the magnetic stripe is encoded and how, what type of barcode you use, and whether or not you need a check digit.Moving forward, libraries are beginning to utilise RFID and contactless smart cards for their members. We can print, personalise, and encode your smart cards for you working with your equipment suppliers to ensure a seamless rollout with both your library management system and your ancillary devices.

Name Tags

Whroo Public Library - Name TagEveryone likes to know who they’re chatting with about the ins and outs of the Dewey Decimal System. A lot of the time, you don’t get a chance to introduce yourself. That’s where our name tags come in to assist.Made to the same high standards and using the same production techniques as our plastic cards, we can craft your name tags to carry the same branding as your cards or to match your libraries style guides. We can add the names to the tags at production, sealing them under the laminate, or they can be designed to have the name added later either by hand or by using a label.For some more information, head over to our name tag page.

Photo IDs

Shire of WhrooThere are times when a simple name tag doesn’t quite cut the mustard and you need something a bit more authoritative. When you need to head back to head office or council headquarters to demand that the Harry Potter series really needs replacing. That’s when you need our Photo IDs.Like all our products, we craft our Photo IDs to the same standards and using the same techniques as everything else we produce. By using digital offset rather than thermal transfer, we seal the photo and data under the laminate to make sure it lasts longer.For some more information, have a look at our Photo ID range here.

Buy Local

We manufacture your library cards in the suburbs of Melbourne, right at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges. We’re one of the very few plastic card printers that still manufacture in Australia. This enables us to provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry with samples produced on the same press your job will be run on and finished to the same quality your job will be produced at.

Delivery is within two weeks of order and artwork approval and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.

Libraries Supplied

Just letting you know everything was delivered yesterday – thank you.
Kevin, the black card looks stunning, thanks so much.
Gareth Dixon

Manager Libraries & Heritage, City of Armadale