The hospitality industry is fraught enough as it is. How about instead of looking after and providing service to your supplier, you get one that looks after and provides service to you.
We understand the hospitality industry in a way that only comes when you’ve been a part of it. From the couple of chefs we’ve acquired to the bartender who now pushes pixels instead of slinging martinis, we get the different hours that you work, the way you place the customer above yourself, the way that service is everything. We bring that service orientated mindset to the print industry.

So, sidle up to the bar, order yourself a G&T, and let’s chat about what we can do for you.


Membership & Rewards Cards

Kevington Hotel - Rewards CardThere’s no need to purchase your membership cards from your equipment supplier, we can create your cards to meet your system’s specifications and requirements. Printed and manufactured using all the same techniques and substrates as our standard plastic cards, our membership cards can carry all the same options and features.

We can create cards with and without magnetic stripes, barcodes, and signature panels. Full colour print both sides or just on one with single colour on the other, just how you require it. We encode to the ISO standards required and our cards can be imaged and encoded by any thermal printer using standard ribbons for PVC cards if you issue on the spot.

Name Tags

Kevington Hotel - name tagGood hospitality service is all about getting that personal connection, understanding your customer, getting them to trust you and your fine judgement. That’s where our name tags come in to assist.

Made to the same high standards and using the same production techniques as our plastic cards, we can craft your name tags to carry the same branding as your cards or venue. We can add the names to the tags at production, sealing them under the laminate, or they can be designed to have the name added later either by hand or by using a label.

For some more information, head over to our name tag page.

Door Keys

Kevington Hotel - Door CardIt’s unfortunate, but we aim to make your door keys good enough that your guest will want to, well, pocket them permanently. And as annoying as it is for you, it does leave a good reminder of your establishment in your guests pocket.

Available with either a lo-co or hi-co mag stripe to match your encoder, we make sure we only use the highest quality mag stripes to minimise read failures and guest annoyance.

After more information? Unlock the low down on our plastic cards here.

Delivery is within two weeks of order and artwork approval and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.