Gift Card Programs

Express Card can provide eftpos® based Gift Card programs and solutions that will grow your business, increase sales, and develop customer loyalty to your business and brand.

Bespoke Gift Card Programs

With an estimated annual expenditure of over $100 billion, the gift giving market in Australia is huge. And of that $100 billion market, retail gift cards outsell all other categories of goods.

That’s more than clothing, music, toys, or games. It’s not surprising that they are now known as the World’s Most Popular Gift. Rapidly increasing their share as a payment option, retail gift cards are increasingly being used as a replacement for traditional paper gift certificates. Consumers have taken to gift cards and as a result, the awareness and sales of gift cards have continued to grow rapidly.

Our gift card solutions are professional, secure, attractive, manufactured to a high standard, and well received, making these programs more effective than individual store sponsored paper based certificates.

Corporations have also adopted gift cards as an employee incentive, corporate gift, and promotional product. Express Card provides a turnkey gift card product to allow issuers to take advantage of this opportunity.


Gift Card Features and Benefits

The Gift Card is a prepaid debit card that is purchased by a gift-giver and presented to a gift recipient for their use.  Express Card have a variety of standard products and can work with an merchant (card issuer) to create a unique gift card program that meets the merchant’s goals. The gift card can be used as a consumer product or corporate product.

Product Features

  • Prepaid card
  • Gift packaging for delivery
  • Accepted at any eftpos® merchant
  • Message from gift giver on card and card carrier
  • Choice of card designs and full custom presentation
  • Gift-giver defined value or set by the Merchant

Distribution Methods

  • Issuer-branded Web site
  • Bulk commercial sales – promotional activities
  • Convenience for the gift giver and recipient
  • Ability to use in store wherever typical cards are accepted
  • Flexibility in where to spend the gift

Merchant Benefits

  • New revenues from existing customers – consumers or commercial clients
  • Expansion of client base as existing customers introduce new customers with cards
  • Cost-effective web and telephone delivery
  • Turnkey solution with advice and support
  • Rapid implementation and low start-up costs

Delivery is within two weeks of order, artwork approval, and card data initialisation and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.