There’s a lot happening at events. You need access passes, wristbands, OH&S cards, and race plates. We can do all of it.

Events are big, complex machines with hundreds of moving parts. You need to be sure that people are where they should be and not where they shouldn’t. That they know what to do when something goes wrong. That participants are properly numbered if needed, and get grab a drink at the bar if they deserve one. That luggage and equipment ends up in the right spot for the right job.

You also need to know that all this will last the event – be it a one day event or a year long series of events spread across the planet. We craft our products to last.

Event and Access Passes

Café Biz Event PassYou need to be able to identify at a glance that someone is where they should be – and not where they aren’t. This is where our range of Event and Access Passes come in to play.

With a wide range of sizes available, we can craft your pass to meet your needs. You can add barcodes for turnstile access, colour coding for area permissions at a glance, and photos for security. Add names, company details, and general information. With sizes available from 54mm x 86mm up to 86mm x 140mm, you can fit a little or a lot of information.

Have a closer look at our event passes here.

Name Tags

Crew Services GroupYou might need something a bit extra to your event passes, especially for front line staff. That’s where our name tags come in to assist.

Made to the same high standards and using the same production techniques as our plastic cards, we can craft your name tags to carry the same branding as your passes and event branding. We can add the names to the tags at production, sealing them under the laminate, or they can be designed to have the name added later either by hand or by using a label.

For some more information, head over to our name tag page.


Access control doesn’t always require a full pass, quite often just a wristband will do the job. Crafted from Tyvek®, the same material used for wrapping buildings and cargo, they’re strong and waterproof, but still soft and flexible.

Your wristbands can be fully customised to your event with barcodes, colour coding, personalisation, logos, and text.

Race Plates

Got people being all athletic? You’ll need to number and brand them to keep track of them.

From pin-on numbers for runners made from flexible Tyvek® to tougher plates crafted from polypropylene to survive downhill, cross country, and enduro mountain biking, we’ve got a race product to suit. Add any variable data to them that you need from plain ol’ numbers to colour coding to designate race length or event participation. We can even print both sides in case you want event or emergency details on the reverse.

Luggage Tags

Events require tons of equipment to happen. Generators, marquees, signage, all that big stuff. But there’s lots of little stuff too, especially if you’re running a music event. That’s where we can help keep track of who belongs to what.

Our luggage tags can be fully personalised for the person they belong to and indicate where that bit of equipment needs to be and when. Manufactured using the same processes as our standard plastic cards, they’re tough and can survive even the most delicate of road crew.

Delivery is within two weeks of order and artwork approval and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.