Member Organisations

Now you’ve got your members, you need to keep in contact with them. They need to contact you. Let us help facilitate that communication flow.

Members can be hard to get. They can be hard to keep. Communication is more often than not the key to that continuing relationship.

We can provide a wide range of services beyond our standard plastic cards to help open up those lines of communication and keep them open.

Member Cards & Key Tags

Members like to know they belong. They like to receive something that shows that they are part of a group. That’s where our plastic cards and key tags come in.

We create them to meet your organisation’s needs, not force your organisation to fit a template. From cards with just a number to cards with life saving information printed on, we can add any level of personalisation you need.

Got sponsors? Don’t forget them – they can be the key to an ongoing organisation so don’t let your members forget them either. We can add their logos and any offers your group has organised to help support your supporters.

Mail Fulfilment

From annual membership runs to weekly data drops, we can manage your membership mail outs for you.

We’ll produce your card, print the letter, match and attach them, and lodge at Australia Post for you. Weekly data drops are usually lodged with Australia Post within 5 working days. We’ll even stuff a few extra items into the envelope for you – reply paid envelopes, brochures, even t-shirts if the envelope is big enough.

Delivery is within two weeks of order and artwork approval and is covered by Our Guarantee.

Contact us if you’d like more information or a sample pack sent out.