Plastic Card Printers

For security or timing reasons, sometimes it’s best to personalise your own cards within your own premises with your own plastic card printer. We supply the same brand we use – Evolis.

Although we can personalise, encode, and distribute your plastic cards for you, sometimes that’s not ideal. That’s where having your own plastic card printer on-site is handy. From security requirements or the need to issue personalised cards on the spot, being able to image a card direct from your own printer has advantages.

We stock the same brand that we use in our factory – Evolis. From their wide range, we’ve picked three that will cover most requirements – the Zenius, Primacy, and Avansia. We also stock consumables for these printers in our store – from ribbons to cleaning kits to blank cards. And because we manufacture our cards to work with Evolis ribbons, you can purchased pre-printed stock from us knowing it will work.

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